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Available Now: You Can Lead Podcast Season 1

Aug 9, 2020

So excited to share Season 1 of You Can Lead’s new podcast highlighting the amazing stories behind some of Brunei’s most inspiring young people. You can listen on, Spotify, Google, Apple and more.

S1E6 Angie Ang  – Mother of Mentors
Meet Angie Ang – A passionate ecosystem builder and advocate for youth in Brunei. Join our fun-filled conversation as Angie shares her best advice for local start-ups and creatives, including why Brunei could be the perfect place for young entrepreneurs to launch their careers. Also, discover what it’s like meeting Michele and Barack Obama as one of the 2020 Asia-Pacific Obama Fellows.

S1E5 Anwar Mohd – Empowering Communities to Create Change
Interested in the world of NGOs?  Meet Anwar Mohd, the founder of SCOT Brunei and pioneer behind the groundbreaking Green Xchange, Social Kitchen and Scot education. Hear his insights on the power of mentorship , networking and resilience.

S1E4 Bash Harry – Breaking Barriers
Discover what it takes to break barriers and realise your potential with the multi-talented Bash Harry. join us as she shares her life as a creative writer, content creator and brand ambassador.

S1E3 Hamzi Omar – A New Way to See the World
Discover the inspirational story of Hamzi Omar who lost his sight at just 17. In this revealing conversation about purpose, resilience and inclusivity, Hamzi shares how he turned his experience into his passion for empowering persons with different abilities.

S1E2 Fatin Arifin – The Power of Small Actions
What does it take to transform the lives of an entire community? In this special episode we meet one of the most respected women in the field of social contribution – Fatin Arifin as she shares how it all began with a single trip to Cambodia which changed everything.

S1E1 Aspa Sah – Turning Your Greatest Challenge Into a Superpower
What if you could turn your greatest challenge into your superpower? Meet the incredibly talented Aspa Mohd Sah, a finalist at the 2020 Women of the Future Southeast Asia Awards who has inspired many young people through her empathic guidance and mentorship.