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The Equity Initiative – The Annual Forum 2020

Feb 4, 2020

A new journey begins as a 2020 fellow for health equity!

The Equity Initiative brings together a diverse group of dedicated professionals from 12 countries in the region towards a shared goal of improving health and social equity. The initiative forms part of the global Atlantic Fellows, empowering emerging leaders to advance fairer, healthier and more inclusive societies.

Meeting the wonderful team as well as past and incoming fellows in Thailand these last few days was so fun and engaging, I can already tell this is going to be a truly unique and special experience.

This was the Equity Initiative’s fourth Annual Forum, held in Khao Yai, Thailand. During the event, fellows from various cohorts came together to share their experiences and introduce new fellows to the programme.

Along with bonding activities such as hiking and other group activities, we enjoyed learning through various talks and panel discussions, conducted by the various invited experts and organisers. Especially impactful were the stories of leadership by Equity Initiative founder, Lincoln Chen. What impressed me was his modesty and principle of always lifting others up first. There is certainly truth to the saying, ‘leadership is given by others, not taken for ourselves’.

Other highlights included sessions by renowned guests, Harvard Professor and former China Medical Board Chairma; Dwight Perkins, CEO of The Asia Foundation; Suzanne Siskel, Commisioner of Health for NYC; Mary Bassett and the CEO of The Atlantic Philanthropies; Chris Oeschsli.