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Cataract Surgery at Singapore Zoo

Apr 12, 2017

What a unique and special experience to be involved in cataract surgery for some of Singapore Zoo’s famous residents. Jojo, the 60 year-old orangutan had been blind in one eye with a severe cataract in the other, meaning she could not see her surroundings clearly.

Staff from Singapore National Eye Centre (SNEC), Wildlife Reserves Singapore (WRS) and Singapore Zoo came together to perform a successful cataract surgery and health checks for Jojo as well as a ring-tailed lemur.

Jojo’s cataract was replaced with a new transparent intraocular lens using a surgical microscope donated from SNEC. A big thank you to Professor Lee Shu Yen, senior consultant and deputy head of SNEC’s surigcal retina department for inviting me to assist.

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