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Project Kacamata: Enhancing Vision for Schoolchildren

Oct 29, 2019

A wonderful morning with children from Sungai Siamas Primary School sharing healthy eye habits in Kampong Ayer (Brunei’s Water Village).

Thank you to the Eye Care Team @projekkacamata for bringing me in to be a part of your work getting glasses to those in need. The team are planning to reach more areas and bring education and screening through the initiative to Kuala Belait and Tutong.

Through their work, it is hoped that for children under 6 who are missing out on wearing glasses, permanent visual impairment can be avoided. This condition is called ‘amblyopia’.

Preventing avoidable blindness really is as simple as providing the right glasses for children at risk and ensuring that we teach healthy eye habits to help compliance. With collaboration and projects like this, we help protect the gift of sight for a new generation.