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Interview on Youth Empowerment with Progesif

Aug 18, 2019

Catch my recent interview with Progresif below for Brunei’s upcoming Youth Empowerment Conference and check out their new site Progresif Minds.

1. What do you say to our youth who worry that they are too young to make a difference?

“It’s never too early to start having an impact. The sooner you start the further you will go. Right now, there are so many opportunities to get involved, gain experience and have your voice heard. Even if you think you can only do small things, do them greatly and they will be your stepping stones to bigger things.”

2. What will be the central message of your talk?
“In a world of increasing innovation and technology, it is more important than ever to develop your ability to communicate ideas, connect with others and inspire action. These skills together with imagination will help you stand out from the crowd and maximise your impact.”

3. What career advice do you have for young people getting into the work force? 

“Aim to be excellent in whatever you do. You may not start out doing what you love but you can learn to love what you do. Not only does that give your work greater meaning, it demonstrates your value and potential to others, leading to better opportunities in the future.”

4. You have spent a good amount of time abroad. What did you learn while you were away?

“From my experience, when you learn more about othe places, you ultimately learn more about yourself. Therefore, being abroad really helped me gain a stronger sense of identity as well as the ability to empathise more and understand different better perspectives.”

5. You spend time giving talks and mentoring despite your busy schedule as a doctor. Why is this community exercise important to you?”

“I believe the future riches of Brunei do not lie in the earth, but in the talents of the young people who will drive this country forward. We must all play a part in doing more to achieve our future goals and because we are such a small nation, every person counts.”

6. What did you learn about Brunei’s youth from your experience with them?

“I’ve been so impressed with their ideas and it’s been great to discover how much our young people really care about their future. There is so much creativity and they are eager to make stronger connections with others. I’m optomisitc that through greater self-belief and determination, there is no limit to how far they can go.”


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