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Visionary Youth – Pelita Brunei Feature

Jul 13, 2018

Thank you Pelita Brunei for the wonderful and kind words and I’m already looking forward to more opportunities to share with others what i’ve learnt over the past few years. 

There is always more to discover about yourself and the world and remember the only person who can determine whether you can or can’t do something is yourself.

Approx. English Translation below:

Visionary Youth: Give contribution for change

Having a great career as an ophthalmologist has not stopped this visionary youth from contributing to the citizens and young generation. She believes even a small action can have a great impact.

Dr Noor Affizan is a specialist consultant ophthalmologist at RIPAS Hospital. She has a wide experience in the field of medicine which includes 8 years in the UK National Health Service, 2 years in RIPAS hospital and 5 years in Singapore National Eye Centre.

She often gives talks to inspire and encourage students in schools and high level institutions. In addition, she is also active in promoting eye health on TV and radio.

Among her biggest achievements is representing Brunei in the ASEAN ophthalmology congress council and she is the youngest specialist eye surgeon in Brunei.

Despite her success, she has had to adapt to new and challenging situations. But what drove her to continue was her drive to help others.

When asked why ophthalmology she said because our eyesight is one of our most valuable assets.

For her, being able to help others provides fulfillment and her intention is to help promote the development of the country so we are on par with well developed nations.

She stated that even though Brunei is a small country, it does not mean that we are unable to make a big impact in the world.

However, to become someone who can make an impact, one requires knowledge which can be gained through reading. She herself has made it a habit to read daily.

Her future plans include setting up a voluntary organization with her husband to help those in need. Her advice to the young generation is to dream big because nothing is impossible.

A favourite quote of hers is “if you want to bring positive change, start by keeping the promises you make to yourself.”