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Fireside Chat for National Youth Day

Aug 9, 2022

Really enjoyed the fireside chat with Angie Ang as part of this year’s National Youth Day events, co-hosted by YPN Brunei. Thank you for the invitation to share and congratulations to the organisers, all the speakers and participants on a hugely successful event. More info on the 17th National Youth Day can be found here.
From @ypnBrunei: “Studies have shown that effective leadership is essential in the workplace. We have read articles and heard numerous discussions about how good leaders should act to empower their employees to create a harmonious and healthy working environment. However, it is easy to forget that those in leadership roles are also employees and may have upper lines to report to. Leadership qualities and skills can be found not only in a higher management role – they should be found even in the most junior employee. In this fireside chat, we will be hearing from Dr. Noor Affizan on leadership at all stages of employment.”