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Inspiring Women of Brunei – BruWomenDo

Feb 10, 2018

A big thank you to Dr Hafizah Salleh for featuring me on the ‘Bru Women Do’ instagram page. An accomplished Bruneian herself, she shares stories of inspiring women in Brunei.

“I am so excited to return home and contribute to our nation’s healthcare and development. Studying and working overseas has been an amazing opportunity and it’s been so encouraging to see the recent progress made.

It is an honour to be a doctor because I get to help and improve the lives of others. In my field, I have the privilege of working in medicine and surgery and enjoy the many challenges of both.

I chose ophthalmology as a speciality because of a lecture I attended during my time at University College London. Dr Richard Andrews from Moorfields London Eye Centre, shared his story of restoring sight to blind children and adults in Cameroon. His team’s work had a life-changing impact on the community and inspired me to do the same.

I strive to do my best for every patient because I understand how valuable our eyesight is, yet it is often taken for granted until lost or damaged. We need it for our independence, to read, work and simply to see the world and our loved ones. It is so rewarding to restore that to people’s lives.

As a woman with a voice in a male dominated field, I have faced challenges of what others expect of me. I feel strongly about standing up for what you believe in and not letting someone else’s opinion define who you are and what you can achieve.”

– Noor Affizan