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Future Ready You – Careers Talk at Cosmo College

Aug 23, 2019

So impressed with the vision and direction of the teachers and CEO of Cosmopolitan College. It was such a pleasure to speak with their students and also discuss their future plans for youth in Brunei.

My talk titled, ‘Future Ready You’ was a follow on from one of the themes of the National Youth Congress 2019; ‘Future Ready Youth’. My session touched on how we can adapt to embrace the industrial revolution 4.0.

For example, technical skills are becoming less critical as software and AI take up these roles, but increases the market for greater humanity. That is to say, we can increase our demand and impact by developing the very skills that make us human, such as communication, compassion and kindness.

In all, it was a very engaging session and thank you again for the invitation to share my insights.

Short video by Cosmopolitan College, Brunei.