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Chevening Forum 2020 – Solution Driven Generation

Jan 18, 2020

What an exciting event we had this year for the 12th Brunei Chevening Youth Forum, themed ‘Solution Driven Generation’. This time around, I joined a panel with YB Khairunisa, YB Iswandy, Dr Kathrina Daud and Agee Sellahhuddin, moderated by the amazing Fatin Arifin.

I was immediately impressed by our panel’s willingness to share their personal experiences with the audience. Creating those personal connections through storytelling was so much more powerful than advice alone.

I was further uplifted by our shared passion for young people’s potential. Despite our very different paths to our current roles, we each brought unique perspectives and approaches to the various questions asked.

I highlighted that as a small country moving towards Vision 2035, there is much to be done and yet also much to be grateful for. That national development can start from the smallest of beginnings and that as a small country, we can still have a big voice. That with a population of only 400,000, every person counts and that your success does not lie in the value you create for yourself but in the value you create for others.

It was touching to see a great turnout and although some young people may feel the need for more action and less talk, a forum like this is meant to bring people together to share ideas and unite us towards our common goals. Beyond that, never underestimate the power of your voice for it can alter perceptions, empower others and inspire action beyond imagination.