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Limitless – CafeHoppers Mentorship Session

Nov 25, 2018

What a blast hosting this personal development session with Cafe-Hoppers Brunei. This is a youth-led organisation where young people from various backgrounds gather to discuss current issues, events and ideas.

At the start of the session, I challenged the participants to consider their limits.  How their environment or past may have led to the acceptance of that limitation as part of their identity. When we can break free of labels and the expectations of others, we free ourselves to set higher standards for our lives. We can fulfill a duty to reach our greater potential and in turn we have more to offer others.

Later, we discussed how the 3 C’s of confidence, communication and most importantly connection are essential elements for our successful future. Through developing these inter-personal skills, we can achieve success in our careers, our health and our relationships.

The aim of Cafehoppers is to empower youth to achieve Brunei’s Vision 2035 and create a safe platform for them to share their perspectives and opinions.

Discover more about Cafehoppers Brunei at their Facebook page and Instagram page