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Brunei Young Leaders Convention 2019

Aug 12, 2019

After being a participant at last year’s BYLC, this year I was invited as a mentor and speaker.

I was able to share the vision for my latest initiative, You Can Lead, an online platform that promotes personal and professional development opportunities from around the world.

The Brunei Young Leaders Convention is a platform for dedicated Bruneians aged from 18 to 40. It aims to encourage an active role in achieving Brunei‚Äôs ‘Vision 2035’.

Some 200 participants of various backgrounds participated including government representatives, local NGOs, as well as specialists and professionals from various fields.

The theme for BYLC 2019 is B.E.L.I.A (Believe, Empower, Lead, Inspire, Act), a call to action for the young generation to pursue these five aspects in progressing the development of the nation.