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Breaking The Ceiling – University Brunei Darussalam

Sep 21, 2018

“There is now a great opportunity for the youth to step-up and become future-ready leaders for Brunei’s Vision 2035. With creativity, courage and self-belief, we can realise our potential.”

“If we can build our lives with a focus on helping others, whatever we are doing or where life takes us, I am certain we will attract success and build a better society.”

This was a wonderful session with students and faculty of the Institute of Health Sciences at University Brunei Darussalam (UBD). Through the power of storytelling, I was able to share ideas on motivation and purpose.

I outlined the 6 psychological human needs that drive us and conveyed how only growth and contribution can provide us with lasting fulfillment.

Thank you to the organisers for arranging the session and to those who attended.

You can find out more about UBD’s Institute for Health Sciences at their website here