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Advancing Women Social Entrepreneurs in ASEAN

Aug 14, 2020

Thrilled to join this online event by Ashoka and S&P Global Foundation, featuring my friend from the Equity Initiative, Amina Evangelista Swanepoel. She spoke on the panel for ‘Systemic Challenges in women social entrepreneurship’ sharing her expertise and experiences as the Executive Director of Roots of Health, supporting and empowering women and youth in the Philippines. The event also included a fantastic keynote speech by the Vice President of the Philippines, Maria Leonor G. Robredo.

In partnership with S&P Global Foundation, Ashoka has spearheaded a regional-wide study on: Advancing Women Social Entrepreneurs in ASEAN to learn and celebrate the work of over one hundred (100) Women Social Entrepreneurs across Southeast Asia. As one of the fastest growing regions in the world, women drive a sizeable fraction of the region’s growth and yet, there is rarely a national or international platform to discuss and put a spotlight on the power of women as change-makers.

After a year of research and conversations with passionate women social entrepreneurs (WSE), the report launch is an event to celebrate the contributions of these women and brainstorm possibilities for the future. The report aims to answer 2 questions: How are Women Social Entrepreneurs in Southeast Asia innovating to generate social and economic value for their communities and what are the key enablers that will support Women Social Entrepreneurs to scale their impact and catalyse system change?

Discover highlights and read the full report here.