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Adaptive Leadership & Public Narrative Training in Bangkok

Nov 20, 2022

A transformative week in Bangkok with other Equity Initiative fellows. I had the good fortune of participating in two amazing courses by Adaptive Change Advisors.

The adaptive leadership course was structured around a series of interactive exercises and group discussions. We learned from each other and the course organiser Eric about the importance of being proactive and taking calculated risks in order to adapt to changing circumstances.

The public narrative course was also incredibly valuable. In this course, we learned about the power of storytelling and how to craft a compelling narrative to communicate ideas and messages effectively.

One of the key takeaways from both courses was the importance of listening and empathy in our work. As leaders, it’s crucial that we listen to the needs and concerns of our team members and strive to understand their perspectives. This not only helps to build trust and foster a positive work environment, but it also allows us to make better decisions that consider the needs of the team.

Overall, I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to participate in these training courses. They have equipped me with important skills that I can use in my current role and in the future.

Eric Martin, the course organiser has put the powerful framework, tools and techniques of Adaptive Leadership into the hands of hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.